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Thursday, February 3, 2000

David Hyde Pierce Talks Trash

By Lauren Kane and Jeanne Wolf

Isn't She Great isn't doing big business at the box office but the star-studded cast certainly had a good time making the Jacqueline Susann biopic.

"I think all of us in this movie, if we weren't in this movie would probably be in an institution, because it's a bunch of really crazy people," David Hyde Pierce tells TV Guide Online. "John Cleese, Nathan Lane, Bette Midler, me, Stockard (Channing). These are some seriously unhinged people."

In fact, Pierce found the offscreen shenanigans to be more compelling than anything Susann wrote. "Before I read Valley of the Dolls, I really wasn't that big of a Jacqueline Susann fan. Then, in preparing for the movie, I read it, and I'm still not [a fan]! I don't get that book, but I don't have to," he admits. "I love trash, but that isn't my kind of trash."

Was working with Midler everything Pierce thought it would be? "I didn't know what to expect going into work with her, because she's such a diva. She has a reputation for being not so much difficult, but just sort of larger than life."

Meanwhile, back in Seattle, Pierce says things are really cooking on Frasier. "We're at a point in the show where almost [every] episode is going to be pretty compelling, because we're at that point with the Daphne/Niles relationship where each episode you are getting more pieces of the puzzle, and hopefully I get a little bit closer to getting a piece of... well...."

We're assuming he means Daphne. Isn't she great?

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Posted 2/3/00