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1994 and earlier

August 11, 1988 - an article in the Saratogian by Larry Dudley.

January 28, 1990 - "Spa City Native at Home on Broadway" by Wendy Liberatore.

November 12, 1993 - Frasier's Junger Brother by Alan Carter for EW Magazine.

December 12, 1993 - With an Eye on... by N.F. Mendoza for LA Times, Orange County Edition.


July 11, 1995 - David Hyde Pierce really not at all like... Las Vegas Review-Journal.

October 1995 - Not Necessarily Niles by Patrick Mott for Orange Coast Magazine.

December 15, 1995 - Pierce fearlessly signs on for Stone's take on 'Nixon' by David Pecchia for The Detroit News.


March 1996 - Resemblance to the Star Brough Emmy-winning Role in 'Frasier' by Bob Thomas for Tri-City Herold.


April 24, 1997 - David Hyde Pierce can go worlds wackier than his tightly lidded shrink by Kinney Littlefield for The News-Times: Interactive Edition.

September 9, 1997 - An article in the Seattle Times during the filming of Frasier's 100 episode in Seattle. To read the article, click here.


February 16, 1998 - TV Guide article on DHP and Kelsey Grammer.

October 1998 - US Magazine interview by Fred Schruers. The picture to the left is one of David as a child and the one on the right is of David and a classmate in high school.

October 3-9, 1998 - Canadian TV Guide interview.


February 1999 - DHP was the celebrity guest advice columnist for Marie Claire in a feature called Dear David.

June 27, 1999 - Actor fondly recalls 'The Powers That Be' by Scott D. Pierce.

June 27, 1999 - The stars of Frasier say, Don't call our show smart by Scott D. Pierce.

July 26, 1999 - Here is an article about DHP's appearance at the Montreal Comedy Festival, courtesy of Stef from the DHP mailing list who was kind enough to scan and e-mail this to me. The article is in French, but if you would like see the translated version, click here.

August 6, 1999 - 'Frasier' may toss Niles & Daphne story tease by Mark McGuire, staff writer for Times Union. Much thanks to the fabulous Michele for this info.

August 17, 1999 - Miles for Niles by Kathryn Bold. LA Times. Much thanks to the fabulous Michele for this info.

September 5, 1999 - He's Got Plenty of Nerve by Sean Mitchell. LA Times. Much thanks to the fabulous Michele for this info.


September 26, 1999 - TV star tries on a musical by Paul Hodgins. Orange County Register.


January 26, 2000 - David Hyde Pierce Gets Laughs From 'Isn't She Great' by Ellen A. Kim.

February 4, 2000 - David Hyde Pierce, on life and death and Niles by Luaine Lee. Scripps Howard News Service.

March 4-11, 2000 - Daphne, You drive me quackers by Joyce Randolph. UK TV Times.

March 13, 2000 - David Hyde Pierce by Andrew Duncan. UK Radio Times.

Winter 2000-2001 - Saratoga County Living is not only an excellent chronicle of the goings on in DHP's hometown, but they also have an issue devoted to their native son. To order this issue, click here.

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