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Other Projects

America's Scenic Rail Journeys -- "The Adirondack." Amtrack's Adirondack travels 400 miles from New York City to Montreal, Canada, past the Vanderbilt and Roosevelt estates, through the autumn splendor of the mountains, and beside Lake Champlain. Saratoga Springs native son David Hyde Pierce comments on his hometown. Part 1 of 6

The Autobiography of Foudini M. Cat - DHP reads Susan Fromberg Schaeffer's tale of an orphaned kitten and of the couple who find him in their basement and lures him into their lives. Foudini speaks of his life all the way through, the adventures he's had, the friends he made and lost, his teachers, his people -- and "his" dog. "Foudini is a cat worth listening to -- warm, witty, with a suprisingly sophisticated narrative manner and true feline flair (Storyteller)." For purchasing info, click here.

From a Burning House: The AIDS Project Los Angelese Writers Workshop Collection - DHP narrates a story written by Alan Erenberg entitled "The Humming Story." For purchasing info, click here.

If You Give a Pig a Pancake Book With Cassette - The storybook is written by Laura Numeroff in the tradition of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie." One thing leads to another in the story until you are back to beginning serving a pig a pancake again. The fun story is accompanied by a audiocassette which contains a reading of the story narrated by DHP. The tape also includes 2 original songs, "The Piggy Polka," and "Flippin' the Flapjacks." For ages 3 to 7. For purchasing info, click here

Sentimental Journey 1944-1994 - highlights of the July 1994 Europe Tour. Wingen-Lixing-Philippsbourg-Spicheren Heights-St. Avold Cemetery. Includes original 274th Fight Song performed by Kelsey Grammer and DHP.

The Sweater Book -- a collection of photographs of celebrities from the stage to TV to films, all wearing one particular sweater. Stephen Mosher has spent more than 4 years taking over 200 photos and hopes to produce a coffee table book with proceeds going to AIDS charities.

Trials of Algier Hiss - First of three new drama documentaries in the Name of Security series, it re-examines the controversial spy case which rocked America during the height of the Cold War. The program combines re-enactments from the transcripts, archive material and new evidence, as well as the latest assessments by American historians, atomic scientists and the relatives and friends of the accused. DHP portrays Alger Hiss, found guilty of perjury in a case of post-war espionage in the USA and Francis Guinan plays his accuser, Whittaker Chambers. Directed by Martin Jenkins and John Theocharis. A BBC/LA Theatre Works/KCRW production.

Wine 101 -- Narrated a six-part series of half-hour episoded designed to educate the novice wine enthusiast.

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