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DHP on Entertainers with Byron Allen

ENTERTAINERS (TV program - syndicated) with host Byron Allen November 16, 1998

David was wearing a black buttoned shirt with red and white stripes. Both are already sitting down. There's a backdrop of "A Bug's Life" behind David.

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BA: Hey David, how you doing?
DHP: I'm all right, how you doing?
BA: Good to see you again.
DHP: Likewise, likewise. Planet Hollywood last time wasn't it?
BA: Yeah. That's right, the last time we saw each other. Alzheimers.
DHP: That's right.
BA: Yeah. Talk a little bit about what you're doing for the Alzheimers Association.
DHP: I'm... this year and last year... I've been one of the National Co- Chairs of the Alzheimers Association. I'm, you know, basically there to give a face to the organization. And help raise awareness and raise money for research and care for Alzheimers patients.
BA: You're doing a good job, you really are.
DHP: Thank you.
BA: How long have you been involved in this?
DHP: Well, about four years. I've been a Chair, National Chair Person two years, but I joined up four years ago. My grandfather had died of Alzheimers disease and... I've seen it in a lot of family friends. And it's of the most awful things I've ever seen. I'm doing what I can to get rid of it as quickly as possible.
BA: Good man, good man. Now this movie, "A Bug's Life"...
DHP: Yes
BA: Is this your first animated film?
DHP: Yes. I've done some animation before but this is the first big deal hoo- haw feature.

(Shows clip of "A Bug's Life" trailer)

BA: Your character's Slim...
DHP: Slim.
BA: Tell us about him.
DHP: Slim is...slim. He's a walking stick bug. Very thin and tall and has lots of hands. And he's a member of a bug circus.
BA: Ok.
DHP: Yes. And we've all seen these bugs before. And... he's a clown in the circus but really feels that his life is unfulfilled. That he has more to offer the world than just being a clown.

(Shows clip of "A Bug's Life" trailer.)

BA: Now what is this movie about?
DHP: It's... I guess you could say... it's a cross between "The Grasshopper and the Ants" and "The Seven Samurai".
BA: Ok. You know I have that in my collection.
DHP: Yeah. It's basically about these ants who are having a rough time because they are pretty subservient to the grasshoppers who come every year and demand food. And they're trying to find a way out of this dilemma and they decide to go and...out into the outer world and try to find some bugs that will help defend them from the grasshoppers.

(Shows clip of "A Bug's Life" trailer.)

BA: Now you went to Yale right?
DHP: Yes.
BA: And what did you major in?
DHP: I started out as a music major...
BA: Ok. DHP: And then they said "No.". So I ended up as an English and Theater major.
BA: English and Theater.
DHP: Yeah.
BA: Having a good time...?
DHP: Theater because I wanted to, English in case it didn't work out.
BA: I understand. Having a good time with Niles?
DHP: Yeah! Oh yeah. I have a great time. We have some real good ones we've shot that are coming up for November sweeps and all that. We have some very funny episodes coming up.
BA: Good to catch up with you man.
DHP: Yeah, likewise. Take care.

(This transcript is courtesy of Tané who transcribed the interview and Lana who has allowed me to post it on my website)

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