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DHP's Letter to Christopher Reeve

Dear Chris,

          I just want to add one more voice to the zillions who I'm sure have written and called you and your family. You and I worked together in the 1980 Williamstown season ญญ We did The Front Page, and I was your understudy in The Cherry Orchard. (You once had to fly to New York to do the Today Show, missing rehearsal and leaving me as your understudy to face Colleen Dewhurst all by myself ญญ I've never forgiven you.)

          Fate has handed you, your family and your friends a tough one with this accident; today I read in the paper that your breathing requires support. Well, you have it, because every one of your friends, colleagues and fans is breathing right along with you.


                                                                                    David Hyde Pierce

Reeve, D. (1999). Care packages: Letters to Christopher Reeve from strangers and other friends. Pp.141-142.

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