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TV Credits

Caroline in the City - made a guest appearance along with Jane Leeves, playing Niles and Daphne, respectively, in episode 4 of the series, entitled "Caroline and the Bad Back" which aired during season 1 on October 12, 1995. Niles and Daphne read Caroline's comic strip in the newspaper.

Caroline in the City - made a guest appearance as IRS auditor Jimmy Callaghan whose one dream is to be in the musical "Cats" in episode 27 of the series, entitled Caroline and the Cat Dancer which aired during season 2 on October 15, 1996. He even performs a musical number in a mock audition! Clicking here will lead you to the wav file located on Linda's DHP page. To see pictures from the episode, go to the photo/audio section of Linda's DHP page and scroll down to "Caroline and the Cat Dancer."

Celebrity Jeopardy - DHP won $13,600 for the Alzheimer's Association and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. He won his game but lost for the week to General Norman Schwarzkopf who won $14,000 in another game.

Crime Story - guest star in episode 9 of season 2, entitled "Mig 21" which aired on December 15, 1987.

Dream On - played Jerry Dorfer in episode 17 of season 3, entitled "The Guilty Party" which aired on September 26, 1992.

Frasier - series regular as the lovable Dr. Niles Crane in the greatest show ever created. This spinoff of Cheers premiered on September 16, 1993 and will soon begin its 7th season on NBC.

Hercules: The Series - DHP does the voice of Daeduleus, Hercules' shop teacher and father of Icarus who happens to be Hercules' classmate. So far, DHP has appeared in the episodes, Hercules and the River Styx, and Hercules and the Minotaur.

Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series - DHP does the voice of the very Germanic hunting fanatic, Baron von Lichtenstamp, in an episode entitled "The Most Dangerous Duck Hunt" which aired December 20, 1996. Synopsis -- The Ducks visit the island of Lichtenstamp to investigate shipments of solaranite from there to the Saurians. But the island's deranged ruler forces them to be the prey in his hunt.

Jackie's Back - DHP makes a brief but memorable cameo as Perry, a nearly deaf piano accompanist who talks extremely loud and wears black horn-rimmed glasses, in the mock documentary comedy, which revolves around the comeback of a Diana Ross-like singing star named Jackie. Others making cameos include Tom Hanks, Whoopi Goldberg, Dolly Parton, Bette Midler, Rosie O'Donnell, Liza Minnelli, Jackie Collins, and Tim Curry. To read the summary or view a RealVideo of this Lifetime original movie, click on the movie title above.

The Outer Limits - appeared as Dr. Jack Henson in the episode 2 of season 1, entitled "The Sentence" which aired on September 15, 1996. He won a Cable Ace Award for his portrayal of an inventor who creates a "virtual prison" which enables convicts to serve a life sentence in just a few hours. To view the synopsis, scroll down to season two (they made a mistake) and click on "The Sentence."

The Powers That Be - series regular as the suicidal congressman Theodore Van Horne, son-in-law to Senator William Powers. This Norman Lear political satire aired on NBC during March 1992 to January 1993. This was my first introduction to DHP's brilliance as an actor of great comedic talent. To see pictures and hear audio of DHP from this show, go to Theodore's Gallery located at Linda's DHP page.

Puss in Boots - part of the series "Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child." A crafty cat brings love and good fortune to a young Hawaiian man. DHP even performs a song! The cast of voices include DHP in the title role as well as Dean Cain, Pat Morita and Ming-Na Wen.

Saturday Night Live - Host with musical guest, Live. To view an excerpt, go to the SNL page, click on "screening room," choose "season 20" on the dropdown menu and look for January 21, 1995 (7th down list) and wella!

The Simpsons - DHP lends his voice to Cecil Terwillager, brother of Sideshow Bob (voiced by Kelsey Grammer), in the episode entitled "Brother From Another Series." When asked, DHP called his stint a rare opportunity. "Normally I would not do something like this, but how often do you get a chance to work with an actor like Kelsey Grammer and, more importantly, play his brother?" :) (For more information on this episode than you probably EVER wanted to know, click here)

Spenser: For Hire - guest star, playing the role of O'Neill (credited as David Pierce) in episode 21 of season 2, entitled "The Man Who Wasn't There" which aired on May 2, 1987.

Storytime - read The Ghost of Nicholas Greebe by Tony Johnston and The Wide-Mouthed Frog by Keith Faulkner in show 315.

Titus - guest star, playing the role of Jerry, a self-help guru who gets some help himself when the Titus clan invades his seminar in episode 216 of season 2, entitled "Life Forward" which aired on February 27, 2001. With his shop - and psyche - now barely afloat, Titus is tricked into attending the seminar by Tommy, who also thinks Erin could use an "adventure in personal growth." The commotion they cause gets Jerry's attention, and he puts Titus and Erin on-stage. Both experience a "breakthrough," with Titus calling his father Ken to forgive him. That doesn't sit well with the old man. Ken shows up at the seminar with a few choice words for his son, the audience and Jerry, who has his own breakthrough as he experiences the force within...Ken Titus.

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Lipton Natural Brew Iced Tea Mix (voice only)

June 1999 - (voice only)

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